Three friends with a love of wine and a passion to share it with whomever walks through the door


Join us for a glass, a tasting, or a large party. We’re open Tuesday through Sunday and can’t wait to host you.


Our bottle shop boasts wines from across the globe, with a major focus on Hungarian wines. We’d love to help you find the perfect bottle.


From Live Music to Wine Mafia and Community Events, there’s always something going on at Bortodoor.



Bortodoor is on a mission to deliver a curated selection of local and international high-quality wines directly to you, infusing a personal touch and offering tailored recommendations. Our approach is to demystify the world of wine, making it not only affordable but also an inviting journey of self-discovery.

Born from the shared passion for wine by three friends from the USA, UK, and Australia, our founders have a relentless obsession with exploring new flavors, labels, and stories. The inception of our company coincided with the establishment of Wine Mafia, a blind wine-tasting club initiated in 2018, and the commencement of wine tours to Etyek in 2017.

Our meticulous wine selection process involves a three-step approach. We kick off each week with research and development sessions, delving into new wines during our Monday meetings. This is followed by "Wine Mafia Wednesdays," where a panel blind tastes six wines weekly to determine our stocking choices. We introduce these selections in our weekly tastings, seeking feedback before deciding on permanent inclusion. And yes, you can always savor a sample before making a purchase.

Bortodoor caters to all your wine preferences through various channels, including our webshop, retail offerings, wine events, tours, and the option to host personalized wine events at your location.

For all your wine inquiries, reach out to or visit us at Zichy Jenő utca 32. We're the friendly faces eager to share our passion with friends we haven't met yet!

Since our opening in August 2021, Bortodoor has transformed into a welcoming international and local community space. Join us to unwind, savor exceptional wines, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Bortodoor: your go-to international local bar.

Our Menu

Welcome to our ever-evolving wine bar, where every visit promises a fresh adventure in taste. Our menu features three distinct yet ever-changing offerings.

First, our 'Bestsellers' list showcases our tried-and-true favorites— stalwarts that rarely waver. Alongside, discover a dynamic roster of white and red wines, curated weekly to entice and surprise.

Our commitment to variety means crafting a menu that caters to diverse palates, exploring different flavor profiles and categories.

At our bar, 'dynamic' isn't just a term—it's our ethos. Our menus constantly evolve, responding to availability and ensuring each visit remains exciting. Should a cherished wine run out, fear not—we swiftly pivot to introduce new delights. Stay in the loop as we alert you whenever a new gem graces our shelves.

Join us for an ever-renewing experience, where each glass is an invitation to explore the evolving world of wines.

Wine Tastings

Get ready to dive into the world of wine with our ever-changing menu and daily/weekly thematic tastings. Build your own tasting from our Bestsellers Menu for 8,000 HUF (6 x 0.75dl)!

Step it up with our Weekly Set Tasting, curated by our sommeliers, with prices varying weekly based on the wine list.

For wine enthusiasts, our Custom Tastings offer a personalized journey at 12,000 HUF for a hand-crafted, guided journey.

Looking for something special? Ask about our customized baller packages for a truly impressive experience.

Join us for private events on closed days or semi-private parties in our Tasting Room (seats 30) or Mafia Room (seats 10).

We accept all card payments, including AMEX and Szép Card.



Discover wine at Wine Mafia! From beginners to sommeliers, everyone's welcome to join our interactive wine education night. Experience blind tastings, trivia, and sensory challenges guided by our team around a communal table.

Originally a passion project, Wine Mafia has grown into a weekly competitive league lasting a year. Compete for prizes and vie for a spot in the top 10 of our Leaderboard!


  • Blind Tasting: Identify tastes and scents from 6-8 glasses of wine (0.75 dl each) by grape and region.
  • Trivia and Smell Challenge: Enjoy multiple-choice wine trivia and guess 6-8 scents from the official sommelier training box (jasmine to petrol).

Earn points through regular participation to climb the league's ranks and win fantastic prizes!


Welcome to our cozy international wine bar —

a haven for expats and locals alike!

Enjoy locally sourced cheeses, carefully cured meats, and the option to customize with olives or peanuts. Plus, our team is thrilled to help you find the perfect wine pairings to complement these delectable flavors and elevate your wine experience.

Charcuterie Board for 1: 4,000 huf

Charcuterie Board for 2: 7,500 huf

Hungry for more? We've partnered with a nearby American restaurant, Hoff House, to bring you a delightful array of comfort foods, from crispy chicken strips to mouthwatering burgers and loaded fries. You can easily order in from our partnered eatery or opt to get your own dishes delivered from online couriers. We've got your back with utensils and napkins, and our team is always excited to offer expert drink pairing suggestions to elevate your dining experience.

Corporate + Private Events

Looking to elevate your corporate or private event? Look no further than Bortodoor! Whether it's a team-building extravaganza, a retirement celebration, or any special occasion, we've got you covered. Our events cater to all—casual or formal, intimate or up to 50 guests in-house.

What sets us apart? Total customization!

You call the shots—from preferences to budget, everything's tailored to your liking. Choose a delicious set tasting or engage in our famous Wine Mafia game for a chance at glory!

But wait, there's more! Order ahead for tantalizing cheese boards or other delectable options, ensuring your guests are treated to a delightful culinary experience. Our ambiance? Unbeatable. Plus, expect prizes and complimentary prosecco to add that extra sparkle to your gathering.

Join us for an event like no other — where wine, entertainment, and exceptional service blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience tailored just for you.

Reach out to schedule your event today!

Wine Concierge

While we cherish the time in our bottle shop and wine bar with our guests, our dedication goes way beyond our doors.

At Bortodoor, we're driven by the passion to bring the wine experience directly to you. In fact, our inception was rooted in the idea of delivering 'bor' to your doorsteps.

Experience our curated selection through our home delivery wine packages, tailored for every taste. Explore our pre-set packs like Hungarian Favorites, International Selections, or Crowd Pleasers.

If you want to get more creative, let us craft a custom pack tailored precisely to your preferences. Whether it's stocking your bar with robust, tannic reds or gathering an assortment of easy-drinking wines for a lively gathering, consider it done.

Interested in planning an at-home Wine Mafia? We not only provide the wines but also a host and all the materials you need.

With Bortodoor, there are no limits — only possibilities. Your chosen wines will arrive right at your doorstep, bringing the wine adventure directly to you.

Email us to get started!

hours of operation

Monday | Closed to the public; available for private parties

Tuesday | Start the week with the fresh new menu!

Wednesday | Wine Mafia 7:30pm; 6-8x 0.75dl wines. Join the community table or book one for friends.

Thursday | “Friends Thursday” come with your friends, come alone and make new friends, or cozy up to the bar and celebrate kispéntek

Friday | More of a “Wine Pub” feel, open until 1am. Reservations encouraged.

Saturday | More of a “Wine Pub” feel, open until 1am. Reservations encouraged.

Sunday | A day not to take life too seriously; join us for #drinkthelosses, where everything is on sale. Drink wines that you can’t normally afford, try one of everything, finish the last week’s menu and relax before the week.

Come See Us!

Zichy Jenő u. 32

Budapest, 1066

Tuesday through Thursday 17:00–00.00

Friday, Saturday 17:00–01.00

Sunday 17:00–00.00



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